Publish Chart in Web

Here is the series of steps you need to perform to publish your Google Data Studio Chart in web. This is Budget vs Actual report generated through G-Accon tool and a customized in Data Studio.

To publish Budget vs Actual chart on your web page, you need to select Share and choose Embed report option.

In the pop up window (Embed Report) you need to select either Embed Code or Embed URL and click on the “Copy To Clipboard” button. The copied script need to be inserted into your webpage.

Finally, your chart will be part of your web page. It will be automatically updated based on your business logic and auto refresh settings that you set up in Data Studio.

As G-Accon’s data has been refreshed, the Budget vs. Actual report and its Data Studio chart has been updated accordingly. The same updates happened on the web page.

G-Accon Google Sheet

Data Studio chart based on G-Accon updated data
Update web page