How to Add Chart

Google Data Studio provides a perfect way to visualize data on your website. It is easy to connect your G-Acon generated financial data from spreadsheets. You can easily transform your raw data or final reports into the metrics and dimensions in easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. There are neither code or queries required.

Here is the series of steps you need to perform to create Google Data Studio Chart.

The first step is to install and login into Data Studio and select Blank Report from

You have the ability to update the title of your project. In our case it will be Budget vs Actual report which has been created thought G-Accon tool.

The new step is to create new Data Source or select the existing one. In our case Google Sheet connector has been selected as we are planning to connect Data Studio to our Google sheet G-Accon report.

After the data source is selected you will see the following screen:

The Live Demo is selected and the spreadsheet named Budget vs Actual need to be selected. Then you need to click on the “Connect” button.

After the connection is established, you have the opportunity to see and set up the fields titles, data credentials, the frequency your data needs to be automatically refreshed, and add more fields. If everything is verified and/or corrected, you need to click on the “Add To Report” button.

New Data Studio page will be loaded. Now you need to select the desired chart from the “Add a chart” icon on the top of the Google Data Studio. Drop, drag, and expend the chart, and it will be loaded on your page.

Budget vs Actual report has been built in Data Studio.