QuickStart Guide for New Users

How to install G-Accon

1. Open Google Sheets

2. Select from the menu Extensions -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons

3. Find G-Accon and Select G-Accon for Xero or G-Acccon for QuickBooks

4. Click on the Install button

5. Accept all permissions and then you will be able to find it under extensions 

6. Have fun!

How to connect to Xero or QBO accounts

1. Select G-Accon for QuickBooks, Xero, or FreshBooks from Extensions Google menu

2. Choose Xero Sign In/QuickBooks Sign In to establish the secure connection between Google Sheets and your Xero, QuickBooks, or FreshBooks accounts.

How to add multiple organizations in Google Sheets

1. Select your first organization by clicking Xero Sign In or QuickBooks Sign In

2. Sign Out from this organization

3. Select Xero Sign In or QuickBooks Sign In again to select the second organization

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all your organizations are connected with Google Sheets

5. Use the Switch Organization menu option to navigate between your organization

6. Note: this is a one time only process. Once you connect all companies the data will be automatically refreshed even when you are offline

How to generate your first standard accounting report

1. Select from the Google menu Extensions -> G-Accon for Xero -> Reports -> Standard Reports ->Profit and Loss

2. Select the desired parameters such as Date Range, Number of previous periods, Accounts, Account Types, etc.

3. Click “Execute” to display this report in Google Sheets

How to export raw accounting data and generate custom reports

1. Select from the Google menu Extensions -> G-Accon for Xero -> Reports -> Reports Designer -> Design Accounting Reports

2. Select an Accounting table such as Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Accounts, etc.

3. Choose the needed attributes which become columns in your report

4. Select the filters, order

5. Click on the “Execute” button to display this report in Google Sheets

How to generate consolidated report for multiple organizations and currencies

1. Select from the Google menu Extensions -> G-Accon for Xero -> Reports -> Consolidated Reports

2. Select the desired accounting report such as Profit and Loss (Income Statement), Balance Sheet, or Cash Summary from the drop down filter

3. Choose the report currency. It can be the Latest Exchange RateUse Custom Exchange Rates for the whole year or by periods

4. Click on the “Execute” button to generate the Consolidated report and display it in Google Sheets

How to automatically refresh Xero and QuickBooks data & reports in Google Sheets 
and email to your clients

1. Create a report you want to automate (see previous steps)

2. Select Extensions -> G-Accon -> Automation -> Create a workflow

3. Create a workflow name and description

4. Select the templates (reports) you want to automatically refresh in the Add Templates tab

5. Choose HourlyDailyWeekly or Monthly to setup the frequency of auto-refresh process in the Scheduler tab 

5. Select Email tab and enter one or multiple email addresses to automatically send updated reports to your client