Standard Reports

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Accounting Reports
Financial Reports
Purchase Reports
Sales Reports
Tax Reports

To design the accounting reports you need to be logged in into XERO. Then you need to select from the menu Extensions -> G-Accon for Xero -> Reports -> Standard Reports -> then select report category (Accounting, Financial, Sales, and etc. )

Accounting Reports

Account Transactions
Bank Statement
Bank Summary
Detailed Account Transactions
Executive Summary
General Ledger Export
Trial Balance
Trial Balance Net Movement
Trial Balance New

Financial Reports

Balance Sheet
Budget Manager
Budget Summary
Budget Variance
Budget Variance by Tracking Category
Budget vs Actual
Budget vs Actual by Tracking Category
Cash Summary
Custom Date Range Balance Sheet
Executive Summary
Income By Contacts
Income Statement
Income Statement Turnover
Income Statement Variance
Profit And Loss
Profit And Loss Original
Profit And Loss Turnover
Profit And Loss Variance
Statement Of Cash Flows
Tracking Summary

Purchase Reports

Aged Payables by Contact
Aged Payables Detail
Aged Payables Detail By Contact Groups
Aged Payables Summary
Aged Payables Summary By Contact Groups
Customer Invoice
Payable Invoice Details
Payable Invoice Summary
Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Details
Purchase Order Summary
Supplier Invoice

Sales Reports

Aged Receivables By Contact
Aged Receivables Detail
Aged Receivables Detail By Contact Groups
Aged Receivables Summary
Aged Receivables Summary By Contact Groups
Customer Invoice
Customer Invoice Detail
Customer Running Account Details
Customer Running Account Summary
Quotes Details
Quotes Pivot Table
Quotes Summary
Receivable Invoice Detail
Receivable Invoice Summary

Tax Reports

GST Audit Report with Supplier’s GST Registration Number
Sales Tax
VAT Audit Report with Supplier’s
VAT 126
1099 (US Organizations Only)