Cloud Template Library

The Cloud Template Library is a set of templates that will help you minimize time spent designing and developing your own upload templates. G-Accon templates give you a basic structure that you can customize for your specific business needs. 

Within G-Accon’s product, there are multiple types of templates including:

  1. Standard Accounting Reports”. These templates are designed to help you download any financial/accounting reports to Google Sheets. They are easy to create and execute using the Standard Accounting Reports menu option under G-Accon for Xero or G-Accon for QuickBooks. You don’t need to have a separate library for these templates because one will be created as soon as you click on the “Execute” button.
  1. Report Query“. These templates, like the standard accounting ones, can also be customized how you want them. You can design original templates while creating your own accounting reports. These templates can then be refreshed manually or automatically to update your data. 
  1. Upload Data to Your Organization”. These templates are more complex and allow you to upload data in bulk from Google Sheets to your Xero, QuickBooks, or Fresh Books accounts. A Cloud Template Library is created for you to eliminate the complexity of the upload process. These Upload templates are sophisticated and designed to help you solve specific problems. The Cloud Templates Library is created and maintained by G-Accon Experts. 

The G-Accon Cloud Template Library is located under the “Load Cloud Template” menu option. 

To access it,

  1. Select “G-Accon Cloud Template Library”

2. You can search a template by specific name by typing in the “Search by keywords” field. Each template contains a Name, Description, Type, and Actions. You can load a template by clicking on its name or by using the “Cloud” icon.

For example, if we needed to upload purchase orders from Google Sheets, we would need to search for the “Transaction” template in the search field.

Another example, if we needed to upload purchase orders from Google Sheets, we would need to search for the “Purchase Orders” template in the search field.

3. The next step is to identify the template which you are going to use and look at its description. After you identify the desired template, you will see all of the required and optional fields in the description area. These attributes first need to be loaded into Google Sheets.

4. Then you need to select “Design Accounting Reports“, and Purchase Orders table (for this example) and select all of the required attributes that you need from the Description section of the upload template. 

5. Click on the “Execute” button to generate a Purchase Orders structure/table.

6. Prepare the Purchase Orders data in your spreadsheet.

7. Select “G-Accon Cloud Template Library”  from the “Load Cloud Templates” menu option.

8. Find and download the “Upload Purchase Orders with Multiple Line Items” template.

9. You can modify and customize the upload template based on your business needs.

10. The final step is to click on the “Save Template” button if you want to save the upload template or click “Execute and Save Templates” if you want to upload the Purchase Orders from your Google Sheets into your accounts.