How to purchase G-Accon license?

Go to G-Accon Google Sheets Add-On and select Buy/Manage license menu.

Select a plan and click Subscribe. Fill out your payment information in the next screen.

How can I add users to Accountant or Advisor license?

Watch this video on how to add/remove users and companies:

What Google Account permissions G-Accon for Xero/QuickBooks/Sage/FreshBooks/WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager are and why they are required?

View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive“. This permission is needed to write data into your spreadsheet and to create a backup file if the backup option is selected.

Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications“. New user-friendly interface has been designed to help users to navigate through XERO data structure such as invoices, payments, reports and etc; identify data source(s) and modify the existing settings.

Allow this application to run when you are not present“. This permission is required to enable scheduled auto-refresh functionality that refreshes Xero data.

“Send email as you“. This permission allows sending real-time reports to the clients automatically, monitor Xero data, and set up and send alerts.

Connect to an external service“. This permission is required to connect to Xero Public Accounting API to get the required data. 

Does G-Accon have an access to user’s Xero/QuickBooks/FreshBooks/Sage data? 

No. G-Accon does not have an access to user’s Xero data. Connection to Xero is established using secure OAuth protocol.

Does G-Accon have an access to user’s Google Drive? 

No. G-Accon does not have an access to user’s Google Drive Documents.

What is the cost of G-Accon for Xero/QuickBook/Sage/FreshBooks?

Please refer to our Pricing page for the current features and pricing.

Can I add a missing column to the existing report?

Absolutely. Please send us details to support@accon.services.

What is Google Sheets limitation?

Google Sheets has a limit of 5 million cells per spreadsheet. One of the possible solutions will be to delete unused cells or create a new Google Spreadsheet. Please refer to the following link if you need more details: https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/services/quotas

Can I create several templates on the same Google sheet?

Yes, you can create several templates on the same Google sheet.
1. You need to go to section #2 (Change Pull Settings) of the template
2. Select the position of the template “Start Cell Address”
3. Uncheck the check box “Create a new sheet” 
4. Execute the template. 

If you want to combine several reports, you would need to remove report title and headers.  Also, if you always need to create a template on the same spreadsheet. You can go to “User Preferences” and uncheck the check box “Create a new sheet”. 

Can we work with multiple QuickBooks Accounts or multiple Xero Organizations? 

Yes, watch this video:

Does G-Accon for Xero or QuickBooks support the consolidation of the financial reports from Xero’s or QuickBooks’s for different organizations?

Absolutely. Watch the video that shows how to consolidate financial reports across multiple companies.

Quotas for Google Service

Apps Script services impose daily quotas and hard limitations on some features. If you exceed a quota or limitation, your script will throw an exception and terminate execution.


How I can create multi-line sales invoices for upload?

In order to create multi-line item invoice, all root attributes must match like the invoice number, due date, invoice date, etc. 
Watch a video:

What are Xero API limitations?

Review the below link with the Xero API limitations:


How can I work with multiple companies?

Our blog with video will explain how to work with multiple companies:

How to consolidate data across multiple Xero companies into a google sheet
You would have to log in to the first company, create query/report that would be saved as templates, log out and log in to the next company create your templates, etc. It is a one-time operation. After that, you should be able to refresh your data/reports in one click by selecting Refresh All Sheets or setup auto-refresh process ‘On’ to keep your data up-to-date automatically. 

How to create dynamic data refresh for Aged Receivables?

In order to have Aged Receivables up to date, the Report Date should be linked to Google Spreadsheet cell where you can put google function =today().
1. At the same sheet or it can be a different sheet in any cell you need to enter =today() (can be any date depends on your use case)
2. Press on the icon next to report date field. 

3. Select the cell and insert the reference on the selected cell into Report Date by clicking the insert button. 

4. Save the template. Now the report date will be taken from the cell. 

If I have multiple QuickBooks or Xero users and entities. How many licenses should I purchase?

There are different plans we offer to meet your business needs.


I am trying to upload Bills to Xero using G-Accon. How should I do it?

  1. In order to upload the bills you need to use the invoice option. You need to add extra mandatory column “type” and in case of the bill it should have value “ACCPAY” (in case of invoice ACCREC“)
  2. You also need to add an extra mandatory column “Status” that can have values DRAFT or AUTHORIZED (PAID will not work)
  3. Also, you would need to add an extra mandatory column “Line Amount Types” that can have values INCLUSIVE or EXCLUSIVE
  4. The Line Items, Tax Type, and Line Items should be added as well.
  5. Tax Amount are not required as “Line Items.Account Code” has that information.