October 28, 2020

G-Accon for QuickBooks Product Release

Detailed Transactions Report with ‘SPLITS’ accounts, additional fields, and much more

In This Release

Check out our latest and greatest product launches, updates, and webinars for our users and partners.

  1. Detailed Transactions Report with ‘Splits’ accounts
  2. New Features and How to Build an Advanced Xero/QuickBooks Data Query in Google Sheets Webinar
  3. Sweepstakes drawing

Detailed Transactions Report with “Split” accounts.

Based on numerous requests from our customers, G-Accon has released a highly anticipated new feature – the ability to view all -SPLITS- accounts in Detail Transaction report.  

Tip of the Month: How to join tables in data query

You have the ability to create your own advanced query by using filter Field by ID which allows you to join multiple tables within the same query.   

In Development

We are working on the following projects and enhancements that our users are excited for:

Budget By Category and Budget vs Actual Reports

This functionality allow you to have the option to select various tracking category (child) budgets to total up to the overall (parent) budget. The key benefit being, if you update any of the tracking category budgets it automatically flows through to the overall budget so you do not  need to manually reconcile between them.

Previous Release

Check out our recent release updates and new features:

Check out our recent release updates and new features:

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