November 4, 2020


In This Release
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– New Report: Trial Balance Net Movement Report
– Generate Aged Receivable and Payable Details and Summary Reports based on Due Date
– Enhancements:
New Filter: Account Type
New Filters: Line Items
– Webinars

Trial Balance Net Movement Report

In the Nutshell, the Trial Balance report allows you to identify discrepancies in your account totals, produce financial statements, and ensure that your accounts are balanced for any given time period. To enhance this report we added Net Movement attribute to it. Now this report shows the account balances based on the selected date range, account information (code, name, type), and the net movement. 
Generate Aged Receivable and Payable Details and Summary Reports based on Due Date.

The most complicated Aged Receivable and Payable Details and Summary reports can be generated now not only based on the Invoice Date, but based on the Due Date.

New Filter: “Account Type” has been added to multiple reports

Based on numerous requests from our customers, G-Accon has released a highly anticipated new feature – the ability to generate reports based on Account Type. If you select “ALL” in Account Type filter, the system automatically add newly created account(s) to the list, so you do not have add them explicitly.
User Preference screen updates

We introduce a multiple additional features that can be set up as the default values. The changes done to the “Default Reports Pulling Settings”. The changes are:

Display only account names. If you need to display account names only
Show “Account Type” column. If you need to show the Account Type column in your google sheets.
 New Filters: “Line Items” has been added to all reports with line items attributes

Now you have the ability filter your data based on line item filters such as item description, line amount, unit amount, item description, and so on. These filters help you narrowing down your data set result and be aligned with your business requirements. There are the following line item filters available to you: 


Save and Share your templates in Cloud

A key benefit of shared templates is their reusability and consistency. These templates allow development investments for one team to be reused and shared with another. This makes your work consistent and replicable across various teams and departments within your company, highlighting your company’s reliability.