November 4, 2020


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Check out November’s latest product launches, updates, and webinars for our users and partners.

  1. Introducing HubSpot Analytics Reports
  2. “New Features and HubSpot Analytics Reports in Google Sheets”  Webinar
  3. Tips

New Features and HubSpot Analytics Reports in Google Sheets

Join us on November 18, at 2 PM EST to learn about new features in G-Accon: HubSPot Analytics Reports, how to create Automatic Workflows, and more.


HubSpot Analytics Reports

Based on numerous requests from our customers, G-Accon has released a highly anticipated new module – HubSpot Analytics.  HubSpot analytics allows you to understand and analyze your HubSpot data. This includes your website’s performance and your teams’ productivity. Now you have the ability to download your analytics data in your google sheets and build visual presentation.

Weekly Product Overview and Demo

Every Wednesday at 2 PM EST. Join us for a live webinar to learn about the basic features of G-Accon. See the demo and ask us any questions!


Save and Share your templates in Cloud

A key benefit of shared templates is their reusability and consistency. These templates allow development investments for one team to be reused and shared with another. This makes your work consistent and replicable across various teams and departments within your company, highlighting your company’s reliability.