September 9, 2020

G-Accon for QuickBooks Product Release

Bulk Uploads: 35+ tables to QuickBooks, Automated Workflow, and more

In This Release

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  2. Automated Upload in bulk, 35+ tables
  3. Automated Workflows 
  4. Blog: Adapting To a New World with G-Accon

Automated Uploads in bulk, 35+ tables

G-Accon recently released the functionality which allow you to upload more than 35 tables to multiple QuickBooks organizations. These are some of the tables available to you: Accounts, Invoices, Payments, Vendors, Estimates, General Ledge, Manual Journals, Locations, Classes, and more.  

This synchronization is eliminating the hassle with CSV files and can be done very seamlessly. You can do it manually or automatically through the scheduled upload process.

Automatic Workflow

Automatic Workflows is a powerful tool that allows users to create different workflows, include specific templates, set up the different schedules for different workflows, notify the customers and clients using different automatic notification within the same spreadsheet.

Automatic Workflows helps G-Accon users to organize all workflows within the spreadsheet in more efficient manner, automate their business processes including tasks like refreshing the queries/reports; sending emails, setting up alerts, and much more in more efficient way.

Adapting To New World with G-Accon

We are living through a very unprecedented time right now. It can be hard to stay on track and organized with your work. 

G-Accon is here to make this a little bit easier to do. With the workspace as a whole becoming more virtual, we at G-Accon have noticed this and have adapted. G-Accon is helping to increase the productivity of our customers by incorporating Google technology, mobile and remote access, and by using applications like Chargebee, Mailchimp, Google, and Zoom for internal meetings, meetings with customers, webinars, demo, and customer training.

Tip of the Month: The most efficient way to dynamically refresh your QuickBooks data in Google Sheet

We are going to share some tips with you on how you can refresh your Google Spreadsheet data in a more effective way. This topic is closely related to the G-Accon auto-refresh processes.

In Development

We are working on the following projects and enhancements that our users are excited for:

Adaption to different world languages

This enhancement allows QuickBooks users to upload data in preferred languages. 

Previous Release

Check out our recent release updates and new features:

  1. G-Accon became officially certified by Intuit QuickBooks
  2. New (40+) Reports and Tables from QuickBooks
  3. Enhanced UI and Efficiency Improvement
  4. Save and Share Templates in Cloud