August 5, 2020

G-Accon for Xero Product Release

Introducing Workflow Automation

In This Release

  • Create your Workflows to Automate Exports, Imports, Alerts, etc.
  • New Report: Tracking Summary
  • New Uploads: Tracking Category Options, Bank Transfer
  • Historical Layout: Trial Balance New
  • Enhancements

Create Workflows to Automate Your Tasks

We are excited to introduce another highly-requested update to all of our products – Automatic Workflows. Our first product to feature this is G-Accon for Xero.

Automatic Workflows is a powerful tool that allows users to create different workflows, include specific templates, set up different schedules for various workflows, and notify the customers and clients using different automatic notifications within the same spreadsheet.

The new workflow helps you to set up the automation in a more efficient manner, view the statuses of each automation process,  manage the automation on the template level, monitor the progress, see the exceptions,  and set up customer notifications on the template level. 

Tracking Summary Report

The Tracking Summary Report generates a list of your tracking options to show activity in a particular group of accounts for a specific time period. The beauty of this report is the ability to select specific accounts and view Opening, Closing balances, and Net Activities based on the selected date range.

Tracking Category Options Uploads

Another enhanced feature available to you is the ability to upload the Tracking Category Options directly from Google Sheets to your Xero accounts. This synchronization eliminates the hassle with CSV files or the need to manually add options to the Xero organizations. You can do it manually or automatically through the scheduled upload process.

Bank Transfer Uploads

The Bank Transfer Upload functionality has been updated! You now have the ability to provide Bank Account IDs, Bank Account Codes, or any combination of IDs and Codes to upload your bank account transfers.

New Historical Layout in Trial Balance New Report  

The newly introduced historical layout in the Trial Balance New Report allows you to easily connect your spreadsheets to Google Charts, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Looker, or any other BI software to better feed data into your BI solution. The dashboards can be automatically populated and refreshed.

Tip of the Month: Change Template(s) Ownership

The Change Template(s) ownership functionality allows you to assign access to all of your templates to another user. That functionality can be used when the old owner of the G-Accon templates leaves the company, is on vacation, or when the responsibility within your team is changed.


New “Account Type” Filter has been added to the Cash Summary Report 

By selecting this filter, you have the ability to choose a group of accounts which already exist to be added automatically to your list. This saves you the unnecessary step of having to manually add them yourself.

New column “Source” added to Detailed Account Transactions Report

The new column “Source” allows you to view the source of each account transaction such as receivable or payable invoices, spend, receive, and more.